Survival camps

Program:  Survival & Tracking skills

  • Making Fire: from bic’s to sticks including paper and wood matches, lighters, metal matches, magnesium, chemicals, optics, parabolics, flint and steel, bow-drills, hand-drills, natural tinder bundles, techno tinder’s, fire as a tool, fire safety, fire physics, and safely extinguishing a fire.
  • Getting Water: from solar, bag and tree stills, reverse stills, dew stills, Indian wells, water disinfection methods from stones to halogens, flavoring options, maximal hydration tips for optimal performance in hot or cold weather, natural and human indicators for finding water in the back-country, desert survival gear, body water requirements for men and women, preventing dehydration and hyponatremia and more.
  • Building Shelter: from natural materials and survival kit components; where, what, why and how to build in desert and mountain terrain, sleeping warm or cool, effectively using space blankets, garbage bags and tarps, and how to choose and wear desert and mountain clothing to prevent hypothermia and hyperthermia
  • Signaling for Rescue: with homemade and store bought signal mirrors and tin whistles, can lids, CD ROMs, sound, smoke, ground to air signals. and activating the Search and Rescue system
  • Survival Physiology and Psychology: efficient and effective trip planning, recognizing survival priorities in hot and cold climates, dealing with fear in yourself and others, and preparing and packing survival kits for desert and mountain regions
  • Wild Edible Plants: the truth about wild plants as a food source for short or long-term survival, demystifying New Hampshire’s many life-zone’s, pre-historic hunter-gatherers vs. planting societies, basal metabolic rate requirements for men and women, identifying, harvesting, processing and eating wild plants and exploring the use of some wild medicinal plants.
  • Using topographic maps & compass
  • Using Sun and stars for celestial navigation
  • Using GPS systems
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  • You will develop your awareness
  • self-reliance
  • confidence
  • survival and tracking skills
  • deep connection, and respect for nature & the outdoors
Type of camp residential, small groups
Age 5-18
Period: Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring Weekly. Maximum- 4 weeks
Availability: inquiry by email
Starting date Any time, Upon availability
Rates per week
Age: 6-18
Residential: € 2395 – Included: trainings
Travel arrangements On request email:
Language of instruction English, Dutch, German, Russian
Staff University/Sport academy Master or PhD degrees, in possession of a First Aid diploma
Training Monday-Sunday Full day
Select 3 hours per day
Martial arts, rappelling, survival techniques, night dropping, shooting, cooking, diving, shooting, fitness, Judo, boxing, horse riding, golf, soccer, football, yoga, positive & critical thinking and effective communication trainings.
Homework preparation Afternoon
Accommodation Hotels & Spa resorts
Per room:
Age: 5-19
2 students maximum
Food Predominantly Organic, International
Specific needs, per week Yes, e.g. Islamic & Jewish and others, additional fee: € 170
Hot meals  Yes
Flights to/from location Can be arranged upon request, also supervised by the staff to any location worldwide
Airport Pick-up/Drop off per person Yes
Rates: € 30, one way
  • Georgia
  • Spain
  • USA
  • Thaliand
  • Mexico
  • Batumi & Svaneti NP
  • Tenerife or Mallorca
  • Massachusetts or Florida and other
  • Bangkok
  • Cancun