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‘…Don’t gamble on your future. Act now, without delay’
Simone de Beauvoir

  • Get rid of your backlog! Procrastination is your worst enemy.
  • Increase your  grade, Improve your skills now or attend the enrichment courses
  • Professional Tutoring  your ultimate steps to the highest grades!

Face-to-face tutoring is offered worldwide.  Anytime & Anywhere


  • At your school or university
  • At your home → in private households, also  full time live-in private tutors*
  • TopClassTutors locations
  • University near you
  • Online using web conferencing tools
  • Public libraries
  • Conference facilities at hotels
    *A private live-in tutor is flexible, fitting in with your unique requirements by accompanying you anywhere in the world.
TopClassTutors.ORG face-to-face tutoring
Face-to-face tutoring @ TopClassTutors.ORG


  • 365 days per year, thus including all holidays
  • 24/7, therefore even last minute test preparation is possible
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Our Crème de la crème’ VIP package will allow you to attend the tutoring in private households, on your luxury yacht, private jet or even in the desert during a private safari or at any other spot or event worldwide. Our most flexible face-to face option:

The VIP package:

  • Anywhere
  • Anytime
  • One-to-one or in a small group
  • From €2,200 per two consecutive days, 10 hoursExperience the highest caliber of personal service from your personal assistant. Your personal assistant is available to help fulfill every request, big or small, around the world and around the clock.
  • Your son or daughter will
    • Be taught in private households or business premises or during travel
    • Be coached- exam fear, time management, self-reliance and all required assignments will be submitted in timely manner
    • will be supported to reach the highest scores and enter top-ranked universities.Learning disabled students included.
    • be supervised daily by personal coach for troubled teen:


    • who are falling behind in school
    • that are defiant or resist authority or parents
    • with minor legal problems etc.


    • will reach her/his personal goals with weight loss coach
    • Learn the Etiquette, dance ,chess, piano
    • Be accompanied/supervised/guided by Harvard graduate during her/his holidays or prepared for test, exams or tutored
    • Educated and kept cognitively occupied throughout the day by governess or tutor.
    • Be tutored for all subjects, supervised in Master or PhD degrees

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    • Please do send the copy of transfer by email  info@topclasstutors.org and you will  receive confirmation by email 
    • You son or daughter will start Immediately

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