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The smartest way to lose weight 

Worldwide, 1.1 billion people are overweight, 300 million obese (for comparison, one billion people of the world population suffers from hunger). Children are not spared. Worldwide the number of overweight children has doubled the last twenty years. According to the National Health Council, 1 in 7 children is too thick. At least 30% of the overweight children will never lose their excess pounds and remain obese as adults. has rightly identified these shocking facts and has taken action by developing a behavioral program.


In our Slimfit program the participants not only lose weight substantially, but also learn how to live a healthy lifestyle, which they can permanently sustain. With the instructors the participants work to develop a positive self-image. They learn to strike a balance between a healthy diet and exercise and the relationship between thoughts and behaviors.

Slimfit  annually trains hundreds of participants in the Slimfit camps in 3 aspects:
Through self-discipline learn to consume a low-calorie diet
To develop a positive self-image,to strengthen and to maintain this self-image
To generate a dosed movement pattern

The program consists of an extensive sports training, theoretical nutrition lessons, extensive psychological training namely self-control, self-confidence, NLP and special cooking classes

Enrolment: Year-round, The camps are offered weekly, 52 weeks per year.
Average duration per participant and most popular option is 4 weeks. Minimum →2 weeks, maximum→ 3 months

The extensive sports training will be done individually by the participants, ie. cycling, hiking, as part of the self-confidence training.

Participants with psychological/psychiatric or other disorders or counseling must choose one-to-one supervision (individual).

Follow-up treatment in the form of another camp is possible for all participants.

On average the participants lose 7-8 kilograms in 4 weeks. The record of the summer of 2009 is 15 kg, achieved by Kimberly from the USA.

Lose at least 10 kilo per 4 weeks!!

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