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  The Academies for Gifted are modern, high-performing, selective day and boarding Academies serving students between the ages of 1 and 28 years on our locations worldwide and in private households, estates, corporations of royalty, VIP, celebrities. Year-round enrolment!

Supported Educational programs

Silver regular track, our locations:

Options for all programs: in person (at our facilities) or online via Web conference, Skype

Golden track, worldwide coverage:

Platinum track, worldwide coverage:

  • Homeschooling worldwide coverage, your private, business or our locations
    • in private households, estates, yacht, jet

    • corporations of royalty

    • VIP

    • celebrities

    • Professional families

    • Top executives

Options: Governess /teachers Live-in or Live-out

The Academy for Gifted prepares students only for the most prestigious universities worldwide and assists with the enrolment for Harvard, Oxford, Cambridge and other Top-Ranked universities and offers tutoring/supervision for univesity students on our locations worldwide.
with learning disabilities are welcome. Accelerated (2-year-in-one) and special needs programs are offered for all age groups. Financial aid will be offered to children from armed conflict areas: e.g. Palestine, Afghanistan, Somalia, Iraq, Syria, Ukraine.

All students, also with learning disabilities, deaf, blind and visually impaired are encouraged to apply. Reserve the opening for the tests or trial session per email today!

Excellent Academy for Gifted opportunities for your daughter/son:

  • Early admission to the school, Early learning program for children from 1,5 years old

  • Early admission to the First grade, no age-related enrolment

  • Grade skipping

  • Advanced placement & CLEP courses, not age-related

  • Early entrance into High school, College abroad , not age-related enrolment

  • Early graduation

  • Continuous progress

  • Self- placed instruction

  • Subject matter of acceleration/partial acceleration

  • Telescoping curriculum

  • Mentoring

  • Extracurricular programs

  • Correspondence courses

  • Concurrent /dual enrolment

  • Acceleration College Program
    * E.g. Harvard Bachelor degree in 3 years

  • Credit by examination

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