TopClass Study Year Abroad


AEIS classroom

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School year abroad for students from 9 years old!
Earn Harvard undergraduate credits during one term or year!

Type of study


residential  in group or one-to-one



3-18, exceptions apply

Fall & Spring terms


One year or one term
Availability: inquiry by email

Starting date


Any time, Upon availability

Tuition fee, holidays excluded
Age: 9-19 yr. old


One term- 3,5 months: € 20.000 – tuition fee
One year:                  - €40.000 – tuition fee



per term- 8.500, one year-  15600; holidays excluded, university restaurant or personal cooking at the studio

Travel arrangements


On request email:

Language of instruction


English, except Language courses

Language of communication staff/student


English, German, Russian, Dutch




University/ Master or PhD degrees, in possession of a First Aid diploma

Lessons: Monday-Friday


Will be posted by email



All Harvard or other Top-Ranked university subjects & levels  or school curricula are available

Homework preparation



Type of accommodation


Boarding house AEIS, Hotels or Homestay

Hotel- additional fee may apply.

Per room:
Age: 9-18


2 students maximum per room or



Predominantly Organic, International

Specific needs, per term


Yes, e.g. Islamic & Jewish and others, additional fee per term will apply on request:

Hot meals



Flights to/from locations


Can be arranged upon request, also supervised flights

Airport Pick-up/Drop off per person


Rates: € 25, one way



    Enrol Online or download the form on registration page of this website

    Submit the payment

    The confirmation will be posted by email

    Enjoy your wonderful term or year abroad!


The Netherlands

Location USA



Amsterdam, NL

Cambridge, MA, USA

Extra terms:

Winter term, Harvard University

Summer term, Harvard University



Available. Duration- 3 weeks, full time 9.00-15.00

Available. Duration- 7 weeks, full time 9.00-15.00




AEIS Chemistry