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Online Pre-IB, Mid IB and IB Crash courses! Attend crash courses thru web conferencing, Skype or other online systems. Our instructors will prepare you optimally for the upcoming exams

Before the start of the crash course you will receive a syllabus and all study materials by email for reviewing and preparation. Exam questions are also included

Crash Courses

Math, Physics, Chemistry and all other IB subjects


HL & SL (& Math Studies)


Year-round, daily incl. school holidays


2 days




max. 5 students


10 per course


Experienced IB teachers, for Math & Physics - Harvard (alumni) instructor

Other Crash courses

Spanish, English, Biology, History, Geography, Economics



Year round : euro 610

Other options

One-to-one lessons, 365 days per year, enroll here

Study camps, all holidays

IB revision courses

Study, Creative, Sport, Poker, Self-defense or troubled teens camps→ TopClassTutors.ORG

Study camp locations


  • Boston
  • Berlin
  • Kuala Lumpur
  • Shanghai
  • Amsterdam
  • Malta
  • Vancouver
  • Lisbon
  • Chandigarh

The fee includes: teaching hours and study material.

The crash courses cover all topics from the IB curriculum and are the perfect preparation for the IB final exams in May or November.

Reserve your spot today! Limited spots are available today.

Your place will be secured after the administration has received the course fee. The confirmation will be sent by email

 Your advantages:

       Highly experienced IB teachers and for Math and Physics – Harvard teacher

       Students grouped according to their abilities, where possible.

       Review of all major parts of the syllabus, concentrating on areas you need help with.

       Invaluable practice and advice on IB exam questions and revision techniques.

       Intensive, focused, uninterrupted time on each topic.

       Informal exercise groups for those who want to keep their brains active.
  Increased confidence, new (online)friends.
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