Terms and conditions:

 The Academy for Gifted (The Academy)

Enrolment and payment terms and conditions.

 A parent/guardian of a pupil can enroll his/her child in the Academy for Gifted (the Academy) via the enrolment form on academy-for-gifted. The receipt date at the Academy applies as the start date of the contract year. The invoice sent by email must be paid before the due date. You can transfer the total amount to the account of the Foundation, indicating the name of the student and invoice number. Late payments receive a 10% surcharge for administrative fees.

Students with impairments/disabilities: a 30% surcharge is added to the Academy's rates for students with impairments/disabilities; mental, learning or physical(e.g. hearing of visually impaired).

The fees for education, homework class and study trips must be credited to the account of the Foundation by the date specified on the invoice. If after the first reminder the fee has not been paid, the student will be suspended until the financial obligations are met. The students are not admitted to any tests or exams. There will be no replacement test days offered. Without tests or exams no report will be provided. The payment obligation shall continue to exist.


Only accelerated two-year-in-one programmes are offered, unless otherwise specified on the enrolment form by the parents/guardians and approved by the Academy for Gifted.


Placement at the Academy for Gifted takes place in order of payment.


The Foundation reserves the right for any changes in prices to take effect. These are then listed on the website. If these apply to you, you will be notified. Refunds are not given.



No insurance will be arranged for the students by the Foundation. Parents need to arrange this themselves. The Academy for Gifted and its employees accept no liability for injury to the pupil due to accidents or any loss of damage of personal belongings.

The parents/guardians of a pupil, who inflicts damage to the furniture, textbooks or other property of the Academy, will be liable for the costs.

School year abroad 

TopClassTutors International Foundation doesn't issue any diplomas or certificates for the tutoring/support. The student can request the obtained certificates/diploma at the partner school/university/college or other educational establishments. The student may request the certificates/diploma at the partner school/university or other establishment thru the administration of TopClassTutors at a processing fee of euro 100, excluding the cost of the certificates/transcripts itself at the other school/university and delivery. As the other establishments are external entities TopClassTutors can not and will not accept any liability for the issuing, contents and delivery of the transcript/certificates/diploma. 



Study materials, lessons and study trips.

Study materials and educational materials, e.g. reading books and computers, must be purchased by the parent/guardian.
Participation in any study travel is compulsory. 1 Study trip per year, 2-3 weeks duration per trip, will be organized. A cost-effective parental contribution is required, approximately 1000-1500 euro per week(Europe), 1500-2000 euro per week (USA, Asia, South America). Destinations: worldwide, vary each year. Accommodation: hotels/apartments/holiday resorts or host families.


In the unlikely event of a dispute between you and the Academy, the Board of the Foundation will consult with you during a period of three months. If no solution arises in this period the directors will take a binding decision within three months, unless you present this dispute within a week after the consultation has ended to a competent court.



The Academy reserves the right to post photos, videos and written experiences of the children, made during school time on its Web sites to post or to use for promotional activities.
Every year the reactions of parents and students are used to further improve the layout and content of the lessons. We are interested in the reactions of pupils and their parents. Please contact us with any questions or comments.


To prevent unauthorized absenteeism the Administration can request further information from family doctor/specialist and other related organizations. Parents/guardian must provide a statement of the treating specialist mentioning the duration of the absence. If the parents are not able to produce the statement, the student is referred to the school doctor. Absenteeism will influence the grades negatively because of point deduction by teachers and instructors.


All communication between administration and parents takes place in a written way per email or post. Final reports are sent by post.

The Academy for Gifted
Email:  academy-for-gifted@topclasstutors.org

Withdrawal and refund

Withdrawal after placement at the Academy the Foundation must be informed in written form signed by parents/guardian per email info@academy-for-gifted.com (scanned) and per post. At withdrawal no refund of the paid tuition will take place and all remaining installments must be settled on the date of withdrawal by the guarantor. No replacement services will be offered.


The possession or use of phones, I-Pod’s, I-Pad’s or any similar device is strictly forbidden for all students on all Academy locations, other Academy buildings, study camp locations abroad or during activities organized by the Academy for Gifted. Exceptions are made for the use of computers in designated areas or photo cameras during the study camps. In all other cases, the device will be confiscated and returned at the end of the term. The student will receive an official warning and can be expelled after a third offense.


Due to safety reasons and for quality purposes (staff training) audio and video systems have been installed on all locations of the Academy for Gifted.


E-mail/sms/text messages and mail sent by the Academy for Gifted to parents/guardians/students are intended exclusively for the addressee and can't be disclosed in any manner to third parties, because messages contain confidential information which is protected by professional secrecy.