Academy for Gifted Boarding facilities

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AEIS boarding house


The Academy for Gifted is a DAY & Boarding academy.

Boarding at the Academy for Gifted: full, weekly, flexible . It is optional.

The Academy for Gifted Boarding facilities are:

  • Boarding houses

  • University student hotels or hotels

  • Teacher's residences. Fully equipped seperate rooms with WIFI for the students.

Boarding houses



Near or on the school locations

Rooms, fully furnished

1 or 2 students

Internet access



till 12 years old

Security system

Yes, video-, audio-,alarm

Sport facilities


Transportation to/from school

Bikes, walking or public transport

Type of boarding:

Full boarding, 7 days per week, vacations excluded

Weekly boarding (Monday- Friday)

Flexible boarding (less than 5 days, duration varies)

Accommodation only. The student can puchase the hot meals at university restaurants

Rates, boarding only:

Full, weekly boarding, pre-payment :

Rates: see enrolment form

*2 terms per year : September- December and January- May
Holidays excluded
* Academic  year: estimated 8 months



Academy Boarding house

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