Homeschooling worldwide 

TopClassTutors.ORG provides homeschooling services worldwide. Our experienced and high performing teachers support parents in their children’s education.

Two types of Tutors: Live-in full-  or part time and live-out

Your Benefits:

  • A bespoke education– Excellent performance
  • to bolster a student’s confidence immeasurably
  • Motivation to Study
  • Flexibility
  • Broader Life Skills
  • Preparation for top-ranked universities incl. proctoring of required exams
  • safe and trusted environment

We can prepare your children for Top-Ranked universities and your child can even start the Harvard Undergraduate program from 13-14 years old at your estate.

Each child will receive a personalized lesson plan which includes all significant subjects.

Homeschooling TopClassTutors.ORG
Homeschooling teacher from TopClassTutors.ORG
Homeschooling area Worldwide
Type of study one-to-one or in group till 5 students
Age fom 3 years old
Terms: Fall, Spring One year  is 2 terms
Starting date Any time & Anywhere
Language of instruction English, Dutch or German
Subjects : 6 Mathematics, Critical thinking, Environmental study,
English,Spanish, Russian, German, French, Japanese, Chinese,
Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Business study,Leadership study,
History, Geography, Visual Arts, Music, Information & Communication technology, Dutch and others
In total, lessons 600
One class 60 minutes
Language of communication,
English, German, Russian or Dutch
Staff University (incl. PhD) degrees, in possession of a First Aid diploma
Lessons: Monday-Friday Will be posted by email
Tuition fee per school year, holidays excluded.


a 10 % discount for 2nd child
a 15  % discount for 3rd child..

Russia & CIS, USA: €80,000.-

UK, Hong Kong, UAE, Switzerland: £75,000

Other countries: €68,000

Teachers travel expenses/accommodation,
visa if required
will be billed, pre-payment, separately

Enroll your child(ren) here.  Your son or daughter will reach his/her educational goals!