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Space Astronaut camp:



July 26-31; August 2-7; 9-14; 16-21; 23-28; 30 till Sept 6



6 days - 5 nights

Language of instruction


English, Dutch, French




Camps starts at


At 17.00 on July 26

Camp ends at


At 15.00 on July 31



Lodging at Space centre in a room (7 or 8 beds) with a bathroom.

Point of departure


Amsterdam, Antwerp if requested. Additional travel costs to/from Belgium will apply

Example schedule


1st day

Following days

Last day

18.30 Dinner
20.00:Space briefing

7.30- wake up
8.00- Breakfast
9.00- Space activities
13.00- Space activities
17.30- Free time & snack
18.30- Dinner & free time

7.30- wake up
8.00- Breakfast
9.00- Space activities
13.00- Rocket lunch
14.00- Diploma awarding
15.00- Departure

You will


  • Join in a space shuttle mission with all of the actual procedures involved: lift-off, orbiting, satellite launch, docking with the Space Station, re-entry into the atmosphere and landing. Certainly, actively participate in mission briefings ;
  • Work on simulators to stay in top physical condition : multi-axis chair, moonwalk, rotating chair, shuttle arms, zero-gravity wall ;
  • Learn to build and launch your own rocket ;
  • Enrich your  knowledge of the Sun and planets ;
  • Take part in a rescue mission in the microgravity pool, in experiments in the space shuttle hold and integrate a satellite in a clean room ;
  • Take part in "Live and Work in Space" discussions ;
  • Discover the great moments of space conquest.

And, in the evening → outdoor activities, cinema and other activities!




From euro 900 per 6 days

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