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Adventure camps:


         You will develop your awareness


         Confidence and leadership qualities

         To learn the elements of the First Aid course

         To learn cooking in nature and other outdoor technics

         To acquire skills for different outdoor sports

         Deep connection, and respect for nature & the outdoors

Type of camp


in group or one-to-one




Period: Summer, Fall,  Winter, Spring


Weekly. Maximum- 4 weeks
Availability: inquiry by email

Starting date


Any time, but it is strongly recommended to book at the earliest time

Rates per week
Age: 6-18


Residential and non-residential: from € 1600/week – Included: trainings

Travel arrangements


On request email:

Language of instruction


English, Dutch, German, Russian



University/Sport academy Master or PhD degrees, in possession of a First Aid diploma

Training Monday-Sunday


Full day

Activities: will be selected from


Martial arts, rappelling, survival techniques, night dropping, shooting, paint ball, cooking, diving, shooting, fitness, Judo, boxing, horse riding, golf, soccer, football, yoga, positive & critical thinking and effective communication trainings, canoeing, caving, climbing, hiking, hill walking, kayaking, and rafting and other water sports




Amazing Tents → soundproof, cool in summer and warm in winter. Showers and other facilities are available

Per tent:
Age: 5-19


2 participants maximum



Predominantly Organic, International. The participants will cook their breakfast, lunch and dinner under supervision. All appliances are available. For small participants from 5 years food will be served.

Specific needs, per week


Yes, e.g. Islamic & Jewish and others,  additional fee:€ 170

Hot meals



Flights to/from


Can be arranged upon request, also supervised by the staff to any location worldwide

Airport Pick-up/Drop off per person


Rates: € 25, one way



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Location  The Netherlands

Location Malta


Location USA


Amstelveen or Limburg

Sliema or Golden Bay, Malta


New Hampshire and other

Adventure camp locations


Malta, USA, The Netherlands