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Type of camp

Day and residential

Summer study camp locations Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane
Curricula All, incl. A-level, IB,I(GCSE),AP,AU: grade 7→High school→ College
Incl. preparation for SAT , SAT Subject Tests, The Thinking Skills Assessment (TSA), BMAT, AST, UMAT, STAT, The Queensland Core Skills Test, Overall Position (OP), NAPLAN




1 to 7 weeks


December - January

Schedule Lessons 9-12.30 or 13.30-17.00 or 9.00-17.00


Very experienced IB, A-level and other instructors , Master's & PhD degrees


3.5 hours in the morning and/or 3.5 hours in the afternoon


All subjects & levels, also for Pre- and MID-IB

One-to-one tuition, per hour €110, in the afternoon

Afternoon activities (optional)

Cinema, Museums visits, bus tours, beach/swimming, city tours etc

Accommodation, 5 days, if applicable

€795 per week, 3 or 4 star hotels, including breakfast or the parents can arrange any hotel independently

Per room:

2--4 students

Extra night, per night €150, includes bed & breakfast

Hot meals

Breakfast included
The students can purchase other meals in the hotel restaurant independently or on request, an additional fee applies

Flights to/from

Can be arranged upon request

Airport Pick-up/Drop off

 Yes, €50 one way

Tuition fees , per week* 5 days

€1500 (morning or afternoon session)→ see Payment & Fees page

Tuition fees, 10 or 15 or 20 or 25 consecutive days, morning or afternoon session Add €1500 per 5 days
Tuition fee full day program (3, 6 9, 12, 15, 18, 21, 24 days) €1500, €3000, €4500, €6000, €7500.
Every next 3 days: €1450
Location Summer courses/camps IBIS Hotels, conference facility


Apply online
Confirmation Will be posted by email→ after receipt of the fee

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Other camp locations

Berlin, Malta, Portugal, USA, Canada, Amsterdam


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